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How does it feel to leave the house every morning knowing you are headed to a loving and safe community, where curiosity is required? Interested. Excited. Prepared.

At Epiphany, we support students to develop their voices, practice leadership skills, and solve problems on their own and as a group. We encourage them to explore, create, embrace and personalize their own studies.

The journey we construct helps children feel free to fail and make mistakes, make individual and collective choices, and build strong character. Here, boys and girls with diverse backgrounds and learning styles – all valued equally – discover how to live in community, responsibly, resourcefully, and respectfully.

Adults and children travel this journey together – working side by side in a supportive community and creative environment where everyone takes responsibility to become the best “me” each of us can be.

Discover Epiphany

Character and Leadership

Young Leaders with Character

We nurture and develop confident leaders who truly know themselves
– in an environment that values each child's unique contribution.

Every day at Epiphany, students step up to challenges. They take risks. They make mistakes, solve problems, strengthen their bravery muscles, and GROW in confidence.

When conflicts arise, children resolve them – practicing inclusion and cooperation. Surrounded by support, students in every grade grow to know themselves, explore their leadership styles, assess their performance, and live their values.

As courageous and confident learners and leaders, students express what they experience, present new ideas for consideration, and embrace diverse perspectives.

Explore Academics

Every classroom, hallway, and play area is filled with collaboration, connections, and challenges.

Kids see up close and personal how their individual strengths create real impact – within our school community and in our extended local and global community.

Explore Campus Life

Every year, our dedicated parent, faculty, staff, and student LEADERS grow to become.

Self-aware Contributors Open-minded
Respectful Communicators Problem Solvers
Responsible Collaborators Team Leaders
Resourceful Empathetic Independent
Resilient Inclusive Self-advocates

Foundational, Experiential, and Integrated Learning

Foundations for Success

Students grow in foundational knowledge, expand interests through experiential, integrated lessons, and assess their own achievements.

Epiphany kids know that anyone who’s never made a mistake has never tried anything new. It’s important to not stop questioning. And when we use our imaginations and explore, we learn.

You may think things over inside your OWN head, but everything we learn comes alive when we discuss perspectives and interact with others. That’s why learning at Epiphany requires participation.

Only Epiphany School is structured with three levels of faculty:

  • Our grade-level faculty collaborate in teams and work with volunteers both in and out of the classroom to guide Pre-Kindergarten through Fifth Grade students in our highly experiential and integrated curriculum. Class lessons are very interactive, focusing on foundational subjects: Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Social-Emotional learning.
  • We have standalone classes taught by Subject Area Specialists in Science, Math, Language Arts, Literacy, French and Latin, Health and Fitness, Physical Education, Music, Art, and Performance.
  • Our specialists work alongside Grade-Level Teachers to integrate subject skills into every grade-level class.
  • Our Support Services include Learning Skills Specialists, who are available to actively enter classes and work with students in every grade-level where needed to provide support for individual learning paths.

Education is an adventure. We'd love for you to join us for a School Tour and to see our classrooms in action.

Explore Academics

Our Teachers and Specialists

Creative Professional Development

Adults Who Love to Learn

Our faculty and staff are nourished and inspired by continued professional development and knowledge sharing.

We invest in our faculty to inspire and equip students with the skills to participate in an ever-changing world.

Every day at Epiphany, teachers and staff are learning. We’re collaborating. And we’re developing the most engaging, interactive, and experiential lessons we can dream into being. Faculty and staff are also all deeply engaged with ongoing and continued professional development.

  • Through peer-to-peer sharing, we bring best practices and new ideas into our community to continually evolve a culture of integration, inclusion, growth, and high expectations.
  • As guides, we model behavior to help your student become responsible and “own” his or her education.
  • As we commit ourselves to furthering our own education, our students become more aware of everyone’s connected and collective contributions, and more actively contribute themselves.
  • We enjoy the freedom to integrate and tailor lessons for individuals and classes so content resonates and is absorbed by every learner. At Epiphany, we know our students so well that we can easily and seamlessly create pathways for every student to reach a common goal.

Meet our Faculty and Staff

Shared Values and Culture

Embracing School Traditions

We honor customs that promote pride and belonging across generations.

Traditions are stories, beliefs, rituals, and customs that are passed from one generation to the next. Our mantra is “honor the old and embrace the new” – as long as our school traditions continue to reward students with a compassionate community and creative space in which to grow.

  • With a rich 60-year history, our school works to connect families through events and activities that grandparents, parents, alumni, and students can share and remember, together.
  • We value school traditions as they provide continuity and comfort to children and families.
  • Traditions also are important in defining our cultural identity. They remind us that we’re all part of a shared history that defines who we are as a community. Traditions help to shape who we are today, reinforce our shared values, and celebrate our diversity as we unite as one school.

Here are some of Epiphany's long-standing and new traditions:

UniformsAll-school AssembliesNew Traditions:
School SongDay of CaringFifth Grade Graduation Breakfast
Common ValuesCarnivalStudent Council
Buddy ProgramClassroom JobsClass Reunions
Grandparents DayGraduation SpeechesGreen Team

Inclusive, Involved Community

Welcoming, Engaged Families

You are vital to our active community – where adults and children come together to build a welcoming, dynamic place of learning and giving.

This is our community. Kids and adults. Parents, grandparents, and alumni share in the student experience. We all contribute. We all welcome each other. We all know each other.

  • Every classroom, fundraiser, and friendraiser is filled with parents and grandparents and alumni, who are volunteering and getting to know each other, faculty, staff, and students.
  • Day by day, you will see how your child is becoming more independent and capable – both in how they interact with everyone at school and how they behave in the world.

Confident. Curious. Courageous. Respectful. Responsible. Resourceful

Explore Campus Life

Get Involved

Epiphany welcomes students and families of all races, religions, and national or ethnic origins.

Uniforms are an Epiphany School tradition. They do not represent any religious affiliation.

We thank you for your interest in Epiphany School. Gratitude is one of the hallmarks of our welcoming community. It inspires connection, creativity, and giving -- just like an Epiphany education.

Our Mission

Through innovative teaching in a caring and traditional environment, Epiphany School challenges every child to be a Confident, Curious, and Courageous learner.

Our Values:

Epiphany School actively cultivates an awareness and respect for diversity in all forms; we strive to be an inclusive community by embracing the following values:

Respect: We encourage empathy through the strength of our differences, awareness of our global surroundings, and adherence to high standards of conduct.

Responsibility: We build integrity and trust by understanding our choices and owning our actions.

Resourcefulness: We foster resilience and expect all to search and find, to fail and learn, to risk and succeed in a changing world.

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