Join a community that cares

How does it feel to leave the house every morning knowing you're headed to a loving and safe community, where curiosity is required? Excited. Inspired. Prepared.

At Epiphany School, we support students to develop their voices, practice leadership skills, and solve problems on their own and as a group. We encourage them to explore, create, embrace, and personalize their own studies.

The journey we construct helps children feel free to fail and make mistakes, make individual and collective choices, and build strong character. Here, children with diverse backgrounds, talents, and learning styles discover how to live in community, responsibly, resourcefully, and respectfully.

Adults and children travel this journey together—working side by side in a supportive community and creative environment where everyone takes responsibility to become the best “me” each of us can be.

Discover Epiphany

Epiphany School is an independent school with no religious affiliation. We welcome students and families of all races, religions, and national or ethnic origins.

Uniforms are an Epiphany School tradition. We believe they contribute to our school's strong sense of community and allow students to focus on their learning. Families appreciate the ease of uniforms and a robust used-uniform program keeps costs low and availability high.

Our Vision

Inspiring every child to discover meaning and purpose in a life of learning

Our Mission

Epiphany School challenges and supports all students to become confident, curious, and courageous learners through innovative teaching in a caring and inclusive environment.

Our Values

Epiphany School actively cultivates an awareness and respect for diversity in all forms. We strive to create a positive, joyful, and inclusive community by embracing the following values:

Respect: We encourage empathy through the strength of our differences, awareness of our global surroundings, and adherence to high standards of conduct.

Responsibility: We build integrity and trust by understanding our choices and owning our actions.

Resourcefulness: We foster resilience and expect all to search and find, to fail and learn, to risk and succeed in a changing world.

Diversity Statement

Epiphany School promotes and cultivates a diverse community as essential to academic success, social and emotional growth, and the development of good character. Engaging diverse perspectives stretches the mind and requires critical thinking, intellectual courage, and creativity. It takes careful listening and thoughtful expression and manifests itself in cultural competency. Thinking beyond oneself and seeing the world through the eyes of others is the foundation of fairness and empathy, and thus prepares our students to live respectfully and lead responsibly in our pluralistic democratic society.