Epiphany Parent Council

Community is not just an expression; it’s a way of life.

Being an Epiphany School parent or guardian means becoming an important member of a community, a family. We take pride in how we welcome new families, how we care for our children, and how serious we are about sustaining our school for future generations. We know that most schools are proud of their community involvement, but ours is just a bit different, and that difference is what sets us apart. Whether big or small, your generous involvement is just another way our families are striving to live our mission.

The Epiphany Parent Council (EPC) is the organized link between parents/guardians, classrooms, our school administration, and the Board of Trustees. The EPC serves to support the school by welcoming and mentoring new families, planning and organizing educational and informational programs for students and families, assisting with fundraising activities, promoting and coordinating social activities, and encouraging communication among families, faculty, and students. Every Epiphany family is automatically a member of the EPC and is encouraged to attend the quarterly meetings, beginning on the first day of school!