Strategic Plan

Vision 2025: Leader In Seattle Elementary Education

With more than 60 years of history as a beloved Seattle institution, Epiphany School is well positioned to thrive for the next 60. Our new strategic plan builds on the school's many strengths: a legacy of innovation, high academic standards, and a warm, family-friendly atmosphere in which every child is truly known.

Guidepost #1:
Innovative and Individually Responsive Teaching and Learning

Leveraging our legacy of innovation to foster a culture of educational growth and further tailor instruction to meet students’ needs and faculty professional goals

Guidepost #2:
An Authentic and Welcoming Community

Enhancing the welcoming and inclusive culture within Epiphany School through actionable diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives; extended day expansion; and broader and more diverse volunteerism opportunities

Guidepost #3:
The Future:
Growth and

Enhancing and investing in our school’s programming and campus to maintain our position as a leader in Seattle elementary education and deliver on our vision, mission, and values

Strategic Plan Perspectives

Test Quote
"Since its formation, Epiphany School has been a place that celebrates children and helps them grow. The new strategic plan honors the wonder of childhood while encouraging the growth and learning of the entire community."

—Board of Trustees Member

Strengthen the School
"This plan harnesses our strengths—capable and motivated faculty, a history of supporting children, a community eager to make connections—to broaden and strengthen the school.”

—Current Parent and Board Member

Innovative Teaching and Learning
"The expanded commitment to supporting teachers' professional growth will push us to the next level as leaders in elementary education. By bringing new strategies and perspectives back to our classrooms, we can help all students become strong and respectful self-advocates for their own learning and growth in middle school and beyond.”

—Faculty Member

Innovative Teaching and Learning
"We are proud to be leading the work of providing a tailored learning experience for Epiphany students. An experience that is founded on knowing students deeply and shifting instruction to meet their needs. We have partnered with talented faculty to expand on our solid foundations."

—Leadership Team and Strategic Planning Task Force Member

Innovative Teaching and Learning
"The strategic planning process has been ambitious, inclusive, and thorough. It has led to a strong plan with broad Board and faculty support that will significantly increase the school's value proposition."

—Board of Trustees Member

The Making of the Strategic Plan