Academics that Develop Character


Every day, we teach young students from Pre-Kindergarten through Fifth Grade how to take responsibility for their education. Epiphany places ownership of learning and the classroom into the hands of our students, while supporting each child to develop their unique voice and individuality.

We build responsibility, collaboration, and social-emotional learning into each grade level, so that children increase their independence, confidence, and leadership abilities every year.

Innovative, immersive, and integrated lessons with Classroom Teachers focus on core foundational subjects of Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Social-Emotional learning. What differentiates Epiphany from other schools is that we also offer standalone classes taught by Subject Specialists in Science, Language Arts, Literacy, French and Latin, Music, Art, Performance, Health and Fitness, and Physical Education for all grades.

Epiphany’s rich curriculum is thoughtfully designed to engage, challenge, and cultivate your child.

Every interaction in and out of the classroom enables children to:


  • Explore their own interests while practicing our shared school values.
  • Develop their unique voices as they experience and explore new perspectives.
  • Discover ‘who they are’ as individuals and as part of a caring community.