Joyful, lifelong learning starts here.

Welcome to the vibrant world of kindergarten at Epiphany School, where students embark on a journey of self-discovery and community-building right from the start.

Our kindergarten program kicks off with an "All About Me" unit, with a focus on fostering students' self-expression and cultivating a sense of belonging. Through engaging activities such as self-portraits and interactive games, our young learners not only share unique aspects of themselves but also forge connections with their peers.

Year-round, we invite families onto campus to share about the cultures, holidays, and traditions that are personally meaningful to them. Recent kindergarten celebrations have included Lunar New Year, Rosh Hashanah, Hispanic Heritage Month, Diwali, Day of the Dead, and Pride Month. Family involvement is central to our school culture and the warm, welcoming environment we intentionally cultivate each day. It's no cooincidence that many students—and even the adults in their life—truly consider Epiphany School a home away from home.

Kindergarten students reading and enjoying outdoor activities at Epiphany School, a Seattle private school.

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At Epiphany School, students build close, authentic relationships with each other and their teachers. Learn more about how our school approaches social-emotional learning and helps students make and keep good friends.

Watch: The Joy of Performance at Epiphany School

Every year, kindergarteners prepare a performance that links to classroom curricula and integrates multiple arts disciplines, including music, drama, visual art, storytelling, and movement. See the final result!

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The Buddy Program is a schoolwide initiative that pairs younger and older students together for cross-grade projects, fun, and mentoring. Dedicated "buddy time" is built into the school schedule, allowing kindergarten and fifth-grade buddies to meet and forge deep, meaningful connections.

In kindergarten, the goal is for students to build their confidence and advocacy skills and develop a meaningful relationship with a trusted older peer. The year culminates with a gift from their fifth-grade buddy: a personalized "buddy book" that fifth-graders write, illustrate, and hand-bind specially for their kindergarten friend.

Learn more about this signature Epiphany School experience in the video below.

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