Lower Elementary School

Pre-K, Kindergarten, First and Second Grade

As they gain independence, students collaborate and learn to identify needs.

Epiphany School students increasingly grow aware and contribute more to our shared school values of respect, responsibility, and resourcefulness. They progress through a well-rounded curriculum designed to help them simultaneously strengthen their character and foundational academic skills—while discovering their own creative talents and interests along the way.

Across all grade levels, our parent volunteers, school counselor, and Learning Skills Specialists actively engage with students in and out of the classroom. A dedicated Lower Division Math Specialist and Lower Division Literacy Specialist assist classroom teachers with math, language arts, reading, and writing, enabling personalized instruction and providing support for small group and individual learning paths. Our collaborative methodology pairs subject specialists with classroom teachers to integrate foundational curriculum with each grade-level class experience in innovative ways.

A Look Inside Our Curriculum

A Look Inside Student Support