Education is an adventure. Young students find learning is a lot like playing.

Within a caring community, students in our pre-kindergarten program in Seattle discover, practice, and share our school values. Children’s physical, emotional, creative, and cognitive muscles grow in strength and flexibility as they engage in tangible and touchable experiences. Students are free to be curious, ask questions, and make mistakes. Through exploration and play, they learn to courageously try new things, consciously set a good example for others, and confidently help friends with problems.

Pre-kindergarten classes have full-time assistants and a separate playground. Their flexible school day alternates between indoor and outdoor learning experiences that extend beyond the classroom and the campus. And through our all-school events, Buddy Program, and a very active faculty and staff that knows all students deeply, Epiphany School pre-kindergarteners get to experience our larger community, older students, and families as safe, welcoming, and full of positive role models.

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