Social-Emotional Learning

Attending to the social-emotional needs of children has been a hallmark of Epiphany School for many years. We hear parents remark on this regularly and reference the 3Cs (confidence, curiousity, and courage) and the 3Rs (respect, responsibility, and resourcefulness) from our mission and values as key indicators of the school’s commitment to developing these skills in our students. Responsive Classroom, a highly regarded, evidence-based program, is our school-wide social-emotional learning (SEL) framework. The program focuses on developing five core competencies: cooperation, assertiveness, responsibility, empathy, and self-control.

In classrooms and on the playground, teachers, staff, and students work together to implement the key components of the Responsive Classroom approach. These include daily Morning Meetings, Quiet Times, and Closing Circles; developing classroom and all-school rules; and practicing modeled skills related to positive language and managing emotions and behavior. Our goal with this program, in conjunction with strategic SEL classroom lessons provided by our school counselor, is to create a schoolwide learning environment that is safe, joyful, and rigorous and where students feel a sense of belonging and significance—and have fun!

SEL: The Student Experience

Epiphany School students, families, faculty, and staff nurture a schoolwide culture of social-emotional growth and development each and every day. Here is a closer look at what meaningful social-emotional learning looks like in the context of a typical day at Epiphany School.

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At Epiphany School, we believe that teaching and developing social emotional skills is as important as teaching academic subjects and that a strong foundation of social-emotional learning (SEL) underlies the ability to create a learning environment where students can focus, engage, and take mental risks in their academic work. 

The Latest...

Monthly grade-level updates from our school counselor

  • Fifth Grade

This month in fifth grade, students are continuing to build their conflict resolution skills through the acronym STEP. Each letter in STEP stands for an important action students can take when working to resolve conflict fairly and respectfully.

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  • Fourth Grade

This month in fourth grade, we are culminating our unit on social justice with an opportunity for students to explore a social issue they care about and to help to raise awareness about that issue among our school community. 

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  • First Grade

This month in First Grade, we are continuing our work with the SuperFlex curriculum. To recap, SuperFlex is a superhero that uses his power of flexible thinking to defeat The Unthinkables, characters who invade human brains and get people to do things that show others they are not thinking about them.

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  • Kindergarten

This month in Kindergarten, we have continued our exploration of the We Thinkers! curriculum with lessons on whole body listening, understanding the hidden rules to figure out expected and unexpected behaviors in different contexts, and making smart guesses. 

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