Student Support

Supporting Students to Do Their Best

Student Support Services provide school-wide, classroom, small group, and individual assistance to students – meeting them where they are and journeying with them to reach their potential.

Our student population is diverse. Each of us has unique talents, families, and learning styles. Epiphany is committed to ensuring that ALL students are supported to learn at the best of their ability. We assist where needed through counseling, professional resources, and Learning Skills Specialists.

We offer:

  • Individual and group Learning Skills assistance.
  • Focused family, sibling, and student counseling.
  • Access to professional resources for speech, language, and hearing screenings.
  • Social and emotional guidance and support in developing coping and leadership skills.
  • Outplacement for Fifth Graders applying for middle school.

An Inside Look at Support Services

Learning Skills

Ensuring ALL students get the assistance they need to excel.

We help students understand how they learn best, so they can become confident self-advocates. We meet students where they are and journey with them as they reach their potential – both academically and as they grow to love their authentic, caring selves.

Learning Skills Specialists leverage your child’s strengths and help bolster his or her emerging skills through individual support and classroom groupings. Support is for ALL students—those having trouble with specific functions or concepts, and those exceeding grade-level expectations.

We offer support in: Phonics, Reading Decoding, Fluency, Comprehension, Math Concepts and Computations, Writing Skills, and Handwriting.


Equipping families with compassionate support and counsel.

Elementary years are when children acquire positive attitudes toward school, self, peers, social groups, and family. Our School Counselor works as a team member with faculty, staff, and parents to create a supportive and caring environment, both in and out of the classroom – where students feel safe, nurtured, and supported. Our counselor observes classes, gets to know students, and collaborates with teachers to develop and present social-emotional lesson plans.

Working with small groups of students, one-on-one with individual children, and meeting with parents, our counselor helps nurture each child to become respectful and confident advocates for themselves.

Professional Resources

Partnering with local community to support unique student needs.

Epiphany School partners with speech and language pathologists to provide speech, language, and hearing screenings to all Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students, as well as all students new to the school.

When a need is identified, faculty collaborate with Learning Skills Specialists to refer families to qualified, local educational psychologists, speech and language therapists, optometrists, and occupational therapists for screenings, educational assessments, and consultations. This strategic ‘team’ approach ensures that all students are provided a high level of support.

Note: Individual costs associated with referrals are each family’s responsibility.

Outplacement Assistance

Helping Fifth Grade Students and their families navigate the middle school application process.

Our graduates are well prepared for life beyond Epiphany School because they are confident, academically prepared, and excel in leadership qualities.

The middle school application process begins early in the Fifth Grade academic year. Many mileposts line the road to enrollment; and it can feel overwhelming. We offer help with finding the right school for your child.

Our Director of Enrollment Management and Admission outlines the entire month-by-month process. He works with Fifth Grade teachers to offer after-school test prep. And he guides students through how to prepare for Open Houses, follow up with handwritten notes, write effective essays, and take part in re-visit days.