Upper Elementary School

Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade

Upper Division students self-advocate, take risks, and prep for their future.

Our older students are true role models for peers across the school. They welcome inquiry, investigate diverse perspectives, and become equipped to resolve conflicts on their own. Working collaboratively and independently, they advance through a curriculum designed to build upon earlier building blocks. They set a strong example of embodied school values as they develop as mentors and guides. Through philanthropic projects, they become more active in Service Learning both locally and globally.

  • Third graders practice mindfulness to become more centered and focused on their studies, and bring their learning to life through engaging capstone projects including a First Nations Potlach, jazz-infused Poetry Cafe, and the Third Grade Biography Museum.
  • Fourth graders' worlds widen as they explore social justice and historic journeys of freedom and oppression.
  • Fifth graders practice their growing poise and confidence through presentations and increased responsibility within our school community.

A Look Inside Our Curriculum