School Counselor

Elementary school years are when children acquire positive attitudes toward school, self, peers, social groups, and family. Our dedicated school counselor works in collaboration with faculty and staff to create an educational environment where students feel a sense of safety, belonging, and significance.

Our school counselor provides weekly lessons to each classroom on subject matter pertaining to Responsive Classroom's five core competencies of social-emotional learning: cooperation, assertiveness, responsibility, empathy and self-control. In addition to classroom work, the school counselor may work with students in small groups or one-on-one to help further develop students' skills in these core areas. Our school counselor is also available to provide referrals to outside mental and behavioral health professionals as well as various community resources.

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Individual and Small-Group Counselor Sessions

Our school counselor supports Epiphany School students through weekly in-class social-emotional learning time, as well as through small group and 1:1 support. Here are two support options available families to consider:

  1. Counseling Small Groups: Counseling small groups happen multiple times throughout the year and are focused on specific social-emotional learning targets. Teachers and families are welcome to refer a child for small group participation.
  2. 1:1 Check-Ins: All Epiphany School students are encouraged to use their school counselor as a resource and can request a virtual check-in any time using the I Would Like to See My School Counselor FormA student might want to schedule an individual check-in with Sara for support with the following: 
  • big emotions like worry, sadness, anger, or fear
  • solving a problem or making a choice
  • trouble with another student or adult
  • help focusing or time management
  • feeling confused about something
  • big life changes (good or bad)

Families are welcome to connect with Sara during school hours via email or phone to discuss any questions or concerns regarding counseling support at Epiphany School.


See below for a growing list of resources from our school counseling program! If you'd like to request resources on an additional topic or share a resource you've found helpful, please reach out to Sara Tebeau at


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