School Performances

Confidence to express in class and in front of the entire school.

At Epiphany, everyone is a performer. Our students know performance is a necessary, expected, and fun part of learning. All students are active ‘from the get-go’ in discovering that their voice is powerful, and that sharing their unique perspective is valued and valuable.

Kinder performance

In our performance hall: Creatively tailored grade-level performances throughout the year combine Music, Theater, Movement, Art and themes from current curriculum. The entire school community, including grandparents and special friends, looks forward to our grade-level performances throughout the year.

In the classroom: At every grade level students practice public speaking, deliver oral presentations, and develop creative and interactive ways of showcasing what they’ve learned. It’s project-based learning at its best.

  • In Pre-Kindergarten and the lower grades, it may take the form of making introductions to adults or explaining lessons to classroom visitors. In the upper grades students engage in interactive learning.
  • There’s the Third Grade Wax Museum, where students in costume portray and speak about famous figures they’ve researched, and the Poetry Café, where students perform their own poems.
  • Fourth Grade students host a Washington State Visitors’ Center, complete with multi-visual presentations, brochures, and guides about our wonderful state.
  • And by Fifth Grade students are conducting their own Town Hall meeting to debate all sides of the slavery issue during the Civil War, making classroom presentations on topics they are passionate about, and entertaining faculty, staff, and families with their last musical performance.