Service Learning and Community Outreach

A way of life for epiphany students, faculty, staff, and families

From pre-kindergarten onward, Epiphany School students are consistently engaged in creating changes that make the world a better place. Through community involvement and service learning, your child discovers:

  • “I can help others in my school, my community, and the world.”
  • "I can give my time, my energy, and my money to help other people."
  • “I can accomplish bigger things when I work with others.”
  • “I can make a difference in someone’s life.”

Service learning at Epiphany School provides your child with creative, fun, and interactive ways to experience the power of activism and service—from seasonal pop-up farmers markets that raise money for Seattle's Emergency Feeding Program, to monthly donation stations, to our year-round compost program, to our annual coin drive led entirely by fifth graders.

In addition to our annual, hands-on Days of Caring each spring, we also provide a broad range of service learning opportunities for students and families that extend the lessons taught in classrooms. Contributions include time, energy, creativity, and crowd-sourcing to help improve the lives of people, animals, and the environment.

Epiphany School has many long-established relationships with local community organizations that serve families and youth, as well as a unique connection to a sister school in Uganda.

Past projects at a glance