Summer Camp 2023

Summer fun! Week-long camps offered early July through mid-August.

Epiphany School Summer Camp 2023 is open to all children in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade, including Epiphany School and non-Epiphany School students.

Epiphany School’s summer program balances teacher-led projects with opportunities for children to play, explore, relax, and recharge. Our themed weeks are specially designed to maximize summer fun and creativity! Children will experience a well-rounded summer, including field trips, summer reading, visits to neighborhood parks, and exploration in our school garden.

At Epiphany School, we create nurturing classroom communities that empower children to be curious, courageous, and confident. Our talented staff cultivates an inclusive community that encourages empathy and respect toward all.

More details about Epiphany School Summer Camp will be posted here soon. Regular camp hours are 9:00 am - 3:00 pm. Extended Day is available in the mornings from 7:00 am to 9:00 am and in the afternoons from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm for an additional weekly fee.

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We hope you'll join us this summer!

Last Summer's Camp Program

Week 1: Superheroes!

July 5th - 8th; $308

Blast off to a great summer! This week, we’ll summon our creative powers to explore the world of superheroes. We’ll create art based on our own strengths and superpowers. Maybe you’ll be inspired to create your own superhero comic or cape. We’ll also learn to use our superpowers to help our friends and community.

Week 2: Games Week

July 11th - 15th; $385

It’s all fun and games! This week, we’ll come together as a community to play games, learn strategy, and practice cooperation. But most of all, we’ll have fun! We’ll engage our creativity by inventing board games, crafting original carnival games from cardboard, playing Magic, and of course chess. We’ll play team sports and enjoy the summer sun outdoors.

Week 3: Art Extravaganza

July 18th - 22nd; $385

Dive into a world of creativity! This week we’ll explore the many ways to create art with drawing, painting, sculpting, and more. We’ll learn about different artists and their art styles—then try it ourselves! We’ll build sculptures with found objects, create nature art, and explore many ways to paint. Maybe you want to explore fiber arts or create stop motion animation. We’ll connect creating art with expressing our thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

Week 4: Move It! Move It!

July 25th - 29th; $385

Let’s get physical! This week we’ll get active. Our week will be packed with dance parties, sports, obstacle courses, and more. We’ll also make art by moving our bodies. We’ll dance with paint or make big paintings outdoors. We’ll go on city hikes, explore neighborhood parks, and enjoy our school garden.

Week 5: Cooking & Science

Aug 1st - 5th; $385

Let’s explore and experiment! This week we’ll supercharge our curiosity with multi-disciplinary science projects. We’ll make slime and explore with our senses. We’ll use art to help us observe the natural world and our school garden. We’ll merge science and the culinary arts with cooking projects like building solar stoves to cook yummy treats.

Week 6: Water Week

Aug 8th - 12th; $385

SPLASH! Let’s celebrate summer fun! We’ll finish up our summer program with a week dedicated to all the best parts of summer. We’ll run through sprinklers, throw water balloons, relax with summer reading, have picnics in the park, harvest vegetables in the school garden, make popsicles, and more! We’ll relax, rejuvenate, and celebrate our time together before we return to school in the fall.

Summer Camp & Extended Day Registration

Sign ups for summer camp will open soon. NOTE: Be sure to select your child's grade level for the upcoming 2023-2024 school year. If you need before or after-camp care, please sign up separately for Extended Day.

Click below to register for before-care (7-9am) and/or after-care (3-6pm):