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March 25, 2020

Dear Epiphany School families,

I have read many messages and memes this week that have made me smile, breathe a little easier, and reminded me how lucky I am to be connected (virtually and emotionally) to our wonderful Epiphany School community. I hope each of you is also finding moments to laugh, enjoy family and friends, and recharge however works best for you. I am finding more than ever that the virtual world can be all-consuming; let's all remember to disconnect virtually and reconnect personally on a regular basis.

School/Home Learning Updates

We are heading into Day 9 of School/Home Learning—"Epiphany School-style”—with lots of learning gained and lots more to come. Thank you to our entire faculty and staff for all they have done to make our current platform so thoughtful and effective. Thank you to our families for continuing to provide feedback—we are all learning as we go, and we value your understanding and ideas as we “fly the plane while we build it!” Our regular “Friday Feedback Form” will be available in two days, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts at that point.

As you know, today the faculty and staff focused on learning the basics of the Zoom platform to be used for a version of “Morning Meetings” with each classroom tomorrow and Friday. We are excited to try this out—innovative learning at its best!—but MOST importantly, we are so eager to see your children!

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