Mr. Burkland's Weekly Newsletter: June 14, 2019

Hello families!

Wow! What a wonderful year. There are lots of thank yous that need to be said:

Thank you grade level representatives, Alison Bazeley and Joanna Smith. You made all extra-curricular activities fun for the students and very easy for the teachers.

Thank you volunteers for food, driving, and chaperoning events (especially you pioneers).

And I’d like to especially thank you for entrusting me with your children. They are a fun, hardworking, thoughtful, kind, and boisterous group. They made every day exciting.

Mr. Burkland


  • ST Math, Wordly Wise, and I believe Keyboarding Without Tears will be open and available for your child to access and maintain their skills throughout the summer.
  • Please return any Epiphany library books if you find them over the summer.
  • Be sure to fill out the Epiphany School Family Survey before it closes on June 21.

This week, students...

  • Completed our Pioneer Diaries, which included an illustrated cover and a Oregon Trail map.
  • Took year-end assessments from "Math In Focus" to help inform instruction in Fifth Grade.
  • Learned from Greg Jones about the SSAT online preparation materials and books that are available. Greg passed out a pamphlet to each of us that outlines these options.

Next week, students will..

  • Enjoy Summer Break!

Home-School Connection

Thursday, your children came home with large grocery bags full of their work. Please take some time to go through this work with your child. While you’ve seen many of the end projects, much of what’s in the bag is the process fourth graders needed to go through to get to the final projects. And that’s where the real learning happened.

During Summer Break, children need frequent opportunities to read for pleasure. I recommend 20-30 minutes or more per session during the week in order to continue the development of literacy skills. Consider talking with your child now and developing a plan for how he/she will access a wide variety of enjoyable books during the summer.