Mr. Star's Weekly Newsletter: March 15, 2019

Hello families!

The arrival of sunshine, warmer weather, and spring has brought the kinders energy and excitement for learning. Confidence is growing in our students as they write sentences, use their sound power to read more words, and take on math challenges. We look forward to sharing the wonderful things happening in kindergarten with you all at conferences.

Mr. Star and Ms. Fitz


  • March 22nd and 25th- Conferences (Please sign up if you haven’t done so already!). School closed but Extended Day is available; sign up here.

  • April 8th-12th: Spring Break. Sign up for Spring Break Camp here!

This week, students...

  • Learned what traditions take place in North America when you lose a tooth. (Ask your child where El Raton—a magic mouse—comes to visit you when you lose your tooth.) 

  • Practiced improving their sentence writing by adding more details, using the word wall to spell sight words correctly, and checking their work for proper sentence structure (punctuation, spaces, etc.).

  • Learned what a pair means and practiced skip counting by 2’s.

  • Practiced strengthening their hands by making springtime paper chains.

  • Had recess in the sun with their buddies.


Next week, students will…

  • Continue to practice skip counting, this time by 5 and 10.

  • Begin writing How-To Stories during Writing Workshop.

  • Continue their study of losing teeth and the cultural traditions surrounding this event.

  • Begin learning proper formation of the lowercase letters.

Home-School Connection:

As students continue in their busy kindergarten schedule, please...

  • Read with them nightly (this can be reading books to them or allowing them to read to you!).

  • Have them practice skip counting by 2’s and finding things that come in pairs.

  • Ask them about the traditions that they have learned about teeth.

  • Practice sentence writing through journals, writing on whiteboards, or drawing and illustrating a picture.

  • Practice sight words daily; keeping their own sight word ring at home is a great way to practice sight word fluency. We keep one in their book bags in the classroom if you’d like to see an example.