Spread Seasonal Cheer - be a Secret Snowflake!

Want to spread holiday cheer and connect with members of our faculty/staff community? Then join Secret Snowflake! Secret Snowflake works like Secret Santa. You will be randomly assigned another person to be their “Secret Snowflake”. Starting Monday, December 6th and ending on Friday, December 17th, you will secretly deliver 3 small gifts to them without revealing yourself.

The first two gifts should be smaller. Some examples are a sweet treat, your Secret Snowflake’s favorite coffee order, a fun bath bomb or a coupon for taking one of their recess duties!

The final gift given at the end should be a little larger and should reveal who you are! These gifts can be things like a small gift card, a book you recommend or a bottle of wine.

Let Alison Holmes know by Friday, Dec.3 at noon if you want to participate. Secret Snowflake pairs will be sent out by 3pm.

Happy giving!

-Sunshine Committee