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Fifth Grade Coin Drive Success!
The Fifth Grade Class

Thank you for donating to Vafa! We really appreciate it. We have raised $3711.25 to help the dogs in Iran. Remember: $20 supports one dog for a whole month. With over $3000, we are helping a lot of dogs. We did this by working together. There is an old saying that says, “Whatever comes from a friend is a blessing.” Vafa sure has a lot of friends at Epiphany!

Thank you from the Class of 2019.

Q&A with Auction 2019 Raffle Chair Ann Felton
Emily George

The big event is nearing! This Wednesday at 8 pm, another round of Buy-Ins goes live. Mark your calendar because last week some of them filled right away! And the grade-level art is on display in the library, don't forget to check it out.

In addition to buy-in parties, silent auction items, and live auction items, there is still another exciting way to win: the Raffle!

I asked Ann Felton, chair of the Raffle, a few questions about it. Ann and her husband, John, are the parents of Emily (4th grade), Connor (2nd grade), and James (Kindergarten). 

Starting with the basics, how does the raffle work? 
The raffle is a part of the Auction that is especially geared towards the students, with 21 opportunities to win special experiences at school and/or with faculty/staff.

When and where can I buy tickets? 
Tickets are sold starting Monday, 3/18, and the ticket sales end on 3/27. An order form and a list of raffle descriptions will go home with students today—more are available on campus and the website. Tickets are $25 each or $100 for 5. You can submit your order forms to the main office, or give them to the Raffle Table which will be in Madrona at drop off and by the cage at pick up.

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Staffing Updates
Jenn Elkin

The Epiphany School family will be growing next year, as Karen Ybarra and her husband are expecting a baby girl in August! Karen will be on family leave from September to January 2020. She will return just after winter break as the part-time Upper Division Literacy Instructional Specialist, providing support to students and teachers across Grades 3-5 with a focus on language arts and humanities. In September 2020, the plan is for Karen to move to full time in this role. Epiphany School is grateful to be able to bring this role back to our faculty roster and have such a talented teacher take it on. It aligns with our strategic planning to enhance our language arts curriculum and instruction across the grades. In the months ahead, Karen, Paige and I will begin planning with the Upper Division team to map out how best to support their literacy/humanities work in future. Paige, Mark and I will also begin the process for hiring a new Third Grade teacher for next year.

Also aligned with our goal to meet all students' needs through strong instruction with targeted enrichment and support where needed, we have hired Alison Sagliocca to join the Third Grade team for the remainder of the year as an instructional teaching assistant. Alison will work three full days (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday), planning with Karen, Mark, and the learning and content specialists to provide direct student support and small group instruction as needed. Alison spent two mornings in Third Grade classrooms last week, and she will return to join officially starting on March 27. Alison is currently a graduate student at Antioch University in Seattle, working on her M.Ed. in Urban Environmental Education. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry and Mathematics with a minor in Education from Vassar College, and she has worked and taught across the grades from Pre-K to high school. We are very pleased to have Alison join our team and look forward to working with her through the rest of this year.

Third Grade Wax Museum Recap
Jenn Elkin

Wow! What a wonderful performance by all of our third graders as they shared their biographical characters’ life stories at Friday’s Wax Museum. The variety of chosen figures from past and present, the illustrative backdrops and mini-bios, and the polished, life-like presentations from each exhibit culminated in a detailed and expressive rendering of each character’s life. Kudos to the students and teachers who we know worked incredibly hard to present such a fine performance.

Another Incredible Pi Night!
Jenn Elkin

Thanks to all faculty, staff, EPC volunteers and families who helped make Epiphany School's Second Annual Pi Night such a success! We had a turnout of over 150 people, plenty of pizza and pie, and the children's energy and family engagement with “all things math” were a joy to see. The five recitations of Pi (Collin Mascarinas, Spencer Hatch, Miles Baty, and Bill and Kevin Clark) were absolutely impressive, with Miles Baty leading the way with 122 digits! Raffle winners were Neev Mukherjee, Neriah Soliman, and Max Ferestein. Thanks to the EPC co-chairs for organizing and providing food, drink and great service to our many hungry mathematicians!

EPC Corner: March 18, 2019
Jessica Barrett

Thanks to everyone who attended the EPC meeting last week. It was great to hear about the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work being done at Epiphany School from the DEI team. These efforts are so crucial to our community and school, and your support is so meaningful and greatly appreciated. For a list of the recommended books for adults and children, please visit Jen Wilkinson in the library. A video of the meeting is available here.

Many thanks to faculty and staff, Erin Lea, Devon Gualtieri, Kirsten Wiggers, and Celia Russo (our ringleader) for our second annual Pi Night!  Big kudos to third grader Miles Baty who won the pi challenge by reciting over 120 numbers of pi! Thanks too to everyone who came out with their kiddos and celebrated math and our community.

And another shout out to Ann Felton, Mandy Gandt, and Kirsten Wiggers for hosting a wonderful tea for the friends and family of our Third Grade Wax Museum performers. This tradition, with all of them dressed up and performing in character, is such a wonderful treat—and you made it even better! 

Questions? Jessica Barrett, EPC President 2018-19,

How Educators Construct a Road to Rigor
Paige Baublitz-Watkins

I love things that are concrete and stable: architecture, infrastructure, and Legos.  I marvel at how a ferry can hold incredible mass while staying afloat, how a bridge can withstand an earthquake, or a Lego “build” can be so true to life. For me, these constructions signify the capacity of humankind to create a connection with the world that allows for a hopeful synergy. They also exemplify how even stable industries and creations change constantly as we grow and learn.

Education holds the same mystery of design for me. Families have always strived to take their children to the height of their capacity, to help them shine. Schools were created for just this purpose, with the original intent to hold a high bar in reading, writing, and arithmetic. If teachers were rigorous then students who tried hard enough would reap the rewards. However, just as the “Model T” is no longer the ideal for the automotive industry, this theory of education has become outdated as well. So how can educators implement design thinking in addressing the ever-growing body of knowledge in human learning? 

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Edible Book Festival on March 22
Jen Wilkinson

The Edible Book Festival is almost here! It will be in the gym on Friday, March 22 from 2-3pm during the first spring conference day. Students attending Extended Day that day will be creating book-inspired art and showcasing their work at the festival. Bring an edible book (savory or sweet) or just stop by to see the creativity in our community and vote for your favorite creation!

If you're not able to make it to Epiphany's festival on Friday, please know there is an upcoming Edible Book Festival in Lake Forest Park during spring break.

Q+A with Heidi Wadsworth, Grade-Level Art Chair
Emily George

As we get closer to the big event, more exciting things are going on!

If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet, now is the time to do so. If you haven’t looked at the first round of Buy-ins, check them out today, because they are live this Wednesday. And if you don’t know about the Grade-Level Art, please read on for our conversation with Heidi Wadsworth!

Heidi is mom to Ariel in Mr. Star’s kindergarten class and the chair of the Grade-Level Art committee. 

Who participates in the projects? 
Every student, from Pre-K to 5th grade will contribute to their class art project.

Tell me about the projects for the auction. 
There is a variety! From abstract to collages to some unique projects that have never been done before. 

Read more.

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Edible Book Festival in Gym at 2PM
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Visiting Artist Roger Fernandes (Native American Historian & Storyteller)
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