Annual Fund

Every year, every one of us counts

The Annual Fund enables our school to invest in the faculty, staff, programming, and community that makes our school such an exceptional place.  It is a critical source of revenue for our school. Tuition covers around 85% of the yearly cost of running our school and we depend on fundraising from our community to make up the balance.  The Annual Fund supports necessary daily operations including faculty and staff salaries and benefits, curricular supplies, academic programs, professional development, tuition support, facilities maintenance, and new technology.

The Annual Fund supports:

  • Professional development opportunities for faculty and staff—ensuring they stay at the forefront of best practice in education
  • A social-emotional learning curriculum that helps our students thrive
  • A strong community of families, with a multitude of events that bring people together
  • Engaging and unforgettable field trips and other hands-on learning experiences for students
  • The introduction of new curricula and robust enrichment programming that ensure our students experience the best elementary education possible, year over year

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RECOGNITION: All Annual Fund donors are appreciated and recognized in the Epiphany School Annual Report. Leadership Council donors are also recognized at a reception held each spring.

Annual Fund Recognition Categories:

Leadership Council

Visionary Society $7,500+
Founders' Circle $5,000 - $7,499
Head's Council $3,000 - $4,999


Honor Circle

Epiphany Advocates $1,500 - $2,999
Epiphany Society $500 - $1,499
Friends of Epiphany $1 - $499


Matching Gifts

Many companies and organizations generously match their employees' gifts on a 1:1, 2:1, even 3:1 basis. Please contact your employer for information on matching gifts.

Matching gifts are counted toward your membership in our donor recognition categories.

Epiphany School gratefully acknowledges recently receiving matching gifts from the following:

Adobe Systems AMGEN bgC3, LLC
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation The Boeing Company Matching Gift Program Expedia Gives Matching Gifts Program
Fidelity Foundation Matching Gifts to Education Program Insite Property Management, LLC Joshua Green Foundation
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Nordstrom Matching Gifts Russell Investments
SAP Software Solutions Starbucks Partner Giving Programs T-Mobile

Annual Fund FAQs

What is the Annual Fund?

Epiphany’s Annual Fund consists of unrestricted gifts given every academic year by the entire school community - parents, grandparents, alumni, parents of alumni, trustees, faculty, staff, and friends - to help meet needs in the yearly operating budget. The largest item supported is faculty and staff salaries and benefits including professional development. In addition, the Annual Fund provides funds for new technology in our school and classrooms, financial aid, and the “extras” like a new playground and new curricula, including Math in Focus and the social-emotional curriculum, Responsive Classroom.

Why does Epiphany School need an Annual Fund when parents already pay tuition?

Tuition revenue alone is not enough to sustain the quality of an Epiphany education.  In fact, tuition currently covers only 82% of the per student cost. Epiphany relies primarily on the Annual Fund and our spring fundraising event to make sure we have the additional resources necessary to sustain our mission. It is because of our community’s long history of philanthropy and generosity that we have no school debt, excellent facilities, and the highest quality teachers. These funds are the margin of excellence at Epiphany School.

Why not increase the tuition if it doesn’t cover all the costs?

As part of Epiphany’s commitment to making a superior educational experience available to as many qualified students as possible, the school seeks to maintain an affordable tuition. Raising tuition to meet all costs would mean that many current and prospective families would be unable to send their children here.

If our family receives financial aid, will we be asked to contribute?

Yes. The entire Epiphany School community is asked to participate in the Annual Fund. Contributions of all sizes demonstrate community support for Epiphany School’s mission and values.

Why should we give to both Annual Fund and the Auction –doesn’t the money go to the same place?

Yes, and we need both sources of revenue to sustain our mission and to support the operating budget. Special event fundraisers provide a social way to give that sometimes yields a tangible item or experience; they also help build community. Revenue from the Auction includes restricted and unrestricted funds. The Annual Fund is a quieter way to give and its success is less reliant on attendance. Annual Fund revenue is purely unrestricted. Our community is asked to support both efforts.

Why is it important to give or pledge early (by December 31)?

Annual Fund contributions are spent in the current school year. We ask Epiphany School parents, trustees and staff to give or pledge by December 31. This allows the school to make informed spending decisions knowing the funds will follow.

Do we have to pay it all at once?

No. Even if you make a pledge now, you have until May 31 to pay in full. Payments may be made in installments—monthly, quarterly, or on an ad hoc basis—as long as the pledge is paid in full by May 31. 

How much should we give?

We hope that you consider Epiphany School as one of your top priorities for philanthropic support. We ask everyone in our community to participate, and to be as generous as they’re able—understanding that looks different for every family. Every contribution truly makes a difference. The average gift to the Annual Fund last year was $1,096. If you’re able to give at a leadership level, you can join others at the Head’s Council level ($3,000-$4,999); Founder’s Circle ($5,000-$7,499); or Visionary Society ($7,500 and above).

Do our company/organization’s matching gifts count toward our Annual Fund gift?

YES! Matching gifts count toward your family’s Annual Fund contribution and are a wonderful way to leverage your gift. Visit your organization's HR department and ask if they match charitable gifts or simply email us at or call us at 206-720-7667 and we can help you out. Matching gifts count toward our donor recognition categories!

How will my gift be acknowledged?

All Annual Fund donors will be listed in the Annual Report unless you request anonymity. Leadership donors are honored at a yearly, spring reception, recognizing the significant impact they have on Epiphany School in helping the school achieve its mission.

Will we also be asked to give to a Capital Campaign or Endowment Campaign?

Not currently. However, Epiphany School may initiate a Capital and/or Endowment Campaign in the future.

What’s the difference between an Annual Fund Campaign, a Capital Campaign, and an Endowment Campaign?

The Annual Fund Campaign supports unrestricted, current year operating expenses—they are part of our annual budget and help cover salaries and benefits. This income ensures we can provide essential programs and services. We must raise these funds every year to meet our budget obligations.

A Capital Campaign supports larger expenses—usually restricted to physical plant and facilities—that come around periodically. Madrona Hall was built and Reed Hall was renovated as a result of Epiphany School’s last Capital Campaign. Capital Campaigns are typically one-time expenses that are often paid for by one-time gifts or multi-year pledges. Building renovations, new building construction or property purchases, major equipment purchases, and infrastructure overhauls would be included in a Capital Campaign.

An Endowment Campaign supports the annual budget but is created by larger, one-time gifts or multi-year pledges that are pooled together. Returns on an endowment’s capital are used as revenue in the annual operating budget or restricted to use for a particular program, such as: faculty professional development, financial aid, technology, Learning Skills, or the school’s General Endowment. While returns on investments vary from year to year, Epiphany School currently draws 4-5% of an endowment’s value based on the trailing 12-quarter rolling average balance of the fund. This translates into $40,000-$50,000 into the school’s budget for every $1,000,000 of endowment corpus. Endowment campaigns are often run in conjunction with Capital Campaigns in order to support both short term (Capital) and long term (Endowment) funding needs.

Donor Privacy Policy
Epiphany School is a 501(c)(3) organization. Donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Epiphany School's nonprofit tax identification number (EIN) is 23-7014921.

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